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I’m very lucky and pleased that some of my clients were happy to testify to their results after working with me. Please read/listen to what they have to say! Thanks for taking the time.

Janice's Story

Like sunshine……..

I’m new to this and didn’t know anything about sound therapy. It was amazing!  It was so relaxing although I was nervous to start with as I’d never met Joh before.  She is very professional and she soon alleid all my fears.  I’ve quite a lot of complex health issues including fibromyalgia, a lot of stress, a lot of pain.  The  whole process was really relaxing and i could hear all the sounds around me.  I had very strange sensations, as if the pain was being drawn out of me  ,like sunshine was being put into my body and I could have fallen asleep.  I felt so much more at ease and a lot of stress had gone.  Thank you Joh. Janice

Christine's Story

The pains subsided…..

Before coming today I had a lot of aches and pains around my shoulders and down through to my legs which felt very very heavy and uncomfortable.  I was very stressed.  I didn’t have any reservations coming here as I’d had this treatment some time ago.  It was easy, I felt comfortable, relaxed and even dozed off.  After treatment the pains subsided, my legs felt light and I was able to walk without my cane for a few steps.  I recommend this treatment and I’m so happy I came and I want to say a big thank you to Joh and I’ll be back as it was absolutely brilliant. Christine

Nelson's Story

My stress levels came down….

I had a Sound Therapy treatment with Joh and it was amazing although I’d never heard of it before.  Joh advised that it would help with stress and back pain which I had plenty of both.  After the treatment my stress levels came down, I feel more aligned and I am much more energised.  My back pain still needs a little work but it has reduced a lot.  The stress that I  had been going through has been pushed to second level and right now the most important thing for me to do is to focus on myself. I feel really good in myself and in feel in harmony.  I do recommend this treatment to everyone if you have similar issues.  Thank you.Nell

Alysha’s Story

I have been having problems with my knees joints and right ankle due to knee strain and a lipoma on the ankle joint. I would get regular knee pain and shooting foot pain up my right side, and have found it difficult to walk at times. After having therapy on my knees and right ankle, they both feel a lot better and I feel more moveable, I haven't had any knee pressure pain or shooting pains up my right side. Sound therapy is a relaxing and innovative therapy technique which has definitely helped my knee and ankle pain subside quite quickly. The therapy is well worth having.

Isabelle’s Story – April 2017

"I had the great privilege of meeting Joh in October of last year. I went to see her primarily for health issues. However we also worked on communication mishaps ( mobile phone and computer not reliable - electrical energetic imbalances around me) and financial challenges that had been frustrating the natural flow of my life. Furthermore, it was urgent for me to get a handle on this because the health issues had prevented me from leading a normal life. Joh's sessions lead me to a health recovery. Her determination, resilience, open-mindedness, kindness and soul-work got to the bottom of my issues. Working with Joh was a great pleasure, fun and effortless as I had no reservations. Her sessions provided me with real insights into the world of Sound Healing whilst stretching the realms of my imagination. Since the end of December, my health has steadily been improving and I can now lead a normal life for most of the time. Joh facilitated a massive shift, a life changing experience so great that when I look back at it now, it seems like another person’s life, not mine!

I can now resume my practice and see clients. I enjoy the wonderful fluidity of my life. I feel that every day I am effortlessly surfing my life’s many waves. I would highly recommend Joh’s transformational work. Her sound healing work draws on the many decades she has spent developing and fine tuning other healing techniques.

I am planning to work again with Joanne shortly in 2017 looking at reaching the next level".

Romi’s Story

I'd had what felt like a permanent cold until in just one session I could feel the mucus from my chest being drawn out half way through the session. It was calming and professional and I could go back to work feeling stronger and healthier the next day.

Hilary’s Story – April 2017

“Before coming to see Joh I had lots of ideas, potentials swimming around in my head regarding business, but nothing grounded. At first although having no reservations I was curious, and at the same time quietly assured that all would go well.

As I was very much open to my healing experience I was amazed at the range, the subtle power and intensity of the sounds and the impact they were having on my body and mood. At one point the sounds (Gongs) were like being in the heart of an aeroplane engine going at full throttle and its still quite a vivid memory.

Soon after my Sound Therapy session, I began to experience a bit more clarity with my business planning. For example completing tasks - Read, “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracey, setting some larger goals, having a bit more discipline - turning off the TV, persistence with tasks I found uncomfortable. e.g. speaking to others about my business products, and the commitment to myself and the growth of my business - booked a day course on social media, and have a meeting with an ICT expert to expand my tuition business.

Since my session, I feel better equipped to `walk my talk’ and begin organising and strategising my work were skills that needed my attention”.


In need of some `Me Time', but can't find the time? Distant healing might be just work for you!
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