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Sacred Space Gong Meditations


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Zen Yoga Studios, 24a Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, SE5 8RE

Sacred Space Gong Meditations

The Inner terrain of Mind, Body and Soul

We will be working with our `Sacred Space’ over the coming weeks/months, to find that space of stillness within.  Its where you go to get quiet, to be moved, to connect, to feel safe, to allow for answers, insights and intuitive understandings to evolve – a time for you to be with you …

An altogether space of healing, peace, to hide when you need to, to slow down, to relax deeply,  to feel, and to remember what is real.  If ever you need to put down your gloves, this will be the time to yield to that space of reverence within you – your private sanctuary.

Why?  There is a huge shift in consciousness happening right now as we move  even faster into the Aquarian Age.  So sometimes it feels as if the world is in a constant state of turmoil, information overload, maybe feels like you’re running out of time, and saturated with to do’s.  This is stressful and excess stress is not healthy.  When you can find that place of stillness in you, you can begin to find balance.  Balance is the key to so many things.

I find it helps to focus the mind on just one thing with one intention,  and so I’d like to continue with a themed approach as we began in the New Year.  Each Gong meditation will have a “worded’ intention but the overall experience is for the allowance of flow and connection to your sacred space.  Words carry an energetic power.  The meanings, the understandings and the perceptions we give it can change your world.  We will start with Sacred Space, then Balance.

You can take note of the word or simply do your own thing – there are no rules, only guidance. Come, relax, shut down in your own way and space, and not think at all – nothing is compulsory.  

The Gong facilitates balance, attunes, re-aligns and triggers your own innate healing capacity whatever you choose – you decide and take from the experience what you will.

Allow and trust the sounds to take you on a journey to greater self-knowledge, intuitive understandings and balanced clear thinking that supports you in a grounded and practical way.  Please join me on this journey of expansion, clarity and sure-footedness. 

Sacred Space Gong Meditations dates -7.15-8.30pm

March 9th Sacred Space, March 23rd Balance 

April 6th Peace,  April 20th Love & Acceptance

May 4th Health, Rejuvenation & Vitality, May 18th Gratitude & Appreciation, 

June 1st Strength & Wisdom, June 15th Joy & Happiness, June 29th Abundance

July 13th Creativity July 27th Dreamwork Manifestation – this class has been cancelled and will be deferred until August 10th

August 10th Dreamwork Manifestation, August 24th Find your rhythm, and Slow Down

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Venue ; 

Zen Yoga Studios , 24a Camberwell Grove,

Camberwell, SE5 8RE


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24A Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, London SE5 8RE

Love Joh x

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