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RELAX, REVIVE AND REFRESH with guided visualisations

SATURDAYS 7.30-8.30PM. Classes £15.  First/intro class £10 (advise on booking.     Click to book – always advisable 

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Zen Yoga Studios, 24a Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, SE5 8RE

This will be a series of 4 sessions.  Each session will use guided visualisation and sound therapy to promote clarity, well being and balance.

Saturday 11th August – 7.30-8.30pm

Let go of mindless chatter and information overload.

Your conscious mind is like a monkey, swinging from thought-branch to thought-branch all day long.  The thoughts are constant, repetitive and are usually concerned with the fears and pressures of life:  This constant attention amplifies those fears giving energy to them.

The trick is to tame that monkey mind by first befriending it.  By listening and understanding the Monkey Mind, your fears slowly reasoned with, when your mind becomes calm with the practise of meditative techniques, you will begin to see that the consequences of not being enough is actually a fear of lack and not feeling enough is fuelled by uncertainty

With guided visualisation, healing sounds, intention setting and so much more.  Includes tips, advice and giveaways.

Saturday 8th Sept – Let go of resistance 

Resistance in this instance refers to what can happen when there is a reluctance to fully let go and surrender to the experience.  

It is often a defense mechanism and a response to a perceived threat. Resistance keeps you stuck and not necessarily where you want to be.   It keeps repressed material hidden, and the insights to be had out of reach.

Much of this boils also down to a fear of change:  stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown, often linked to a fear of failing, self-limiting beliefs, wanting to feel and remain safe. 

We are energetic beings subject to change which is perfectly normal.  For growth to happen we must adapt to ever-changing circumstances and challenges.  Unknowns can be scary

The trick is to surrender into the feeling – allow this feeling, if ready, even if it feels overwhelming – shifts deep inside happen when you simply surrender.  

With guided visualisation, healing sounds, intention setting and so much more.  Includes tips, advice and giveaways.

Saturday 22nd SeptRest and receive 

We live in a culture that calls us to ‘make it happen’, to ‘go out and get it’ through ‘effort’ and ‘hard work’. There’s a lot of pushing in this: it’s the idea that you can only get what you want if you take action towards it.  While you do need to take action, ‘pushing’ does not leave room for the concept of receiving.  

The energy contained in receiving equals that of pulling, accepting, welcoming, allowing in, and trusting. It has also been described as ‘yin’ and ‘feminine’ energy.  The definition of ‘to receive’ is to accept willingly.

With guided visualisation, healing sounds, intention setting and so much more.  Includes tips, advice and giveaways.

Saturday 6th OctFlow with life

You can’t stop the flow of life anymore than you can a river. Building a damn creates a block.  No matter how much structure we create in our lives, no matter how many good habits we build, there will always be things that we cannot control — if we let them, these things can be a huge source of anger, frustration and stress.

Going with the flow is like rolling with the punches. It’s accepting change without getting too angry or frustrated. It’s taking what life gives you, rather than trying to mould life to be exactly as you want it to be.

Resisting the flow of life creates angst and slows down progress as you fight to maintain control and direct the flow.  Accepting flow with greater ease allows you to relax and work with the energy of flow on a higher level.  This is what happens with intention.  You direct the flow by working with the energy of vibration – become the flow, and allow this to carry you forward as you trust the flow. 

With guided visualisation, healing sounds, intention setting and so much more.  Includes tips, advice and giveaways.




“Joh’s healing therapy sessions are definitely the most amazing, unique and intense spiritual experiences I have ever experienced.  Her energy is calm and heavenly peaceful.  I really and truly enjoy the sessions and I feel so joyful at the end of each session.   I feel more grounded, positive, contented and more conscious since discovering sound therapy with Joh.  Joh has definitely contributed to my spiritual awakening and has a positive impact on my self-confidence.  I feel clearer, more intuitive and it feels like I am vibrating on a higher frequency.  I highly recommend Joh’s healing sound therapy sessions” Ti

“Life happens to all of us and I’m no different. Sometimes the challenges bring me to my knees. My everything is heavy.   Sweet Joh offered me the experience of Gong therapy. I had no idea what to expect but what I do know is I that I trust that Joh of mine.  And wow! What an incredible experience.

My first session was quietly emotional (although I know Joh sensed me). I felt myself connecting and the desire to surrender was overwhelming. A million and one thoughts crowding my mind. At subsequent sessions I was able to silence the voices of distraction and ride with the peace and tranquility that enveloped me. This was my space and my time.  Even when I couldn’t find words to describe how I felt, later on I was totally aware of a calmness in my day to day. There were peaceful vibrations resonating with me. One day whilst at the kitchen sink and with my thoughts I tried to imagine my most stressful feelings and the weight I used to carry. I laughed because I couldn’t even connect with the emotional disturbances that would claim me as I carried my load. It was in this moment I absolutely realised the therapy and the positive impact in my life.

I love the Gong therapy.  It allows me to transcend and embrace my me. This is my time and my space and I claim it. The relaxation is deeply rewarding and balancing. I feel empowered and fearless. Unstoppable.  I recommend this ‘Zen-sational’ experience to help detox and rid the body of the stresses we consciously and unconsciously hold.

As for Joh. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful spirit to entrust 🙏🏾with my emotional storms and my challenges. She is calm. She is love. She has laughter in her voice and emanates happiness.  Thank you Joh for allowing me to have this incredible beautiful experience.   God bless you xx” Pat

Venue ; 

Zen Yoga Studios , 24a Camberwell Grove,

Camberwell, SE5 8RE


Southern and South Eastern train services to Denmark Hill depart on a regular basis from Victoria, London Bridge and King’s Cross St Pancras.


London Bus services 12, 35, 36, 40, 42, 45, 68, 171, 176, 185, 345, 436, 468, N35, N68, N89, N136 and N171 all stop at Camberwell Green, which is a short walk from Zen Yoga.

Many of these routes pass through stations such as Elephant & Castle, Waterloo, Paddington, Liverpool Street, Euston and King’s Cross.

24A Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, London SE5 8RE

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