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My skills and resources

I work very intuitively and so each programme will be specific to your particular needs.


My way of working is to combine a host of complimentary therapies such as Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Reiki with Sound Therapy being the main tool of choice.  Its a simple method where the client just allows the process to unfold and the other therapies will compliment Sound Therapy where appropriate.

  • Hypnotherapy is energy as the principles are based on sound and speech which has a vibration all of its own. The mind understands 2 things - what you tell it, and the pictures in your head.  We work a lot with visualization as this also helps to set the intention.  We use the voice for mantra work.  These are very empowering methods where you can be taught mantra for healing and for in-between sessions..
  • EFT is much like acupuncture without the needles.  Instead we use a tapping method on acupuncture points combined with words (intention).  Can also can be used in-between sessions.
  • Reiki is an energy based system that uses universal energy to trigger self-healing in the client and is often used in distant or remote healing.  
  • Sound healing is pure energy healing as it works through vibration and resonance, with intention.   Imagine listening to the most memorable piece of music that makes you feel amazing.  Sound Healing can do this for you.  A variety of instruments/tools are used, including tibetan bowls, gongs, tuning forks, crystal bowls along with the power of your own voice.  

After an initial consultation where your needs will be discussed, your wishes will be defined with a clear intention. The intention is as important as the treatment itself and I work on the premise that I help to facilitate your own self-healing.  You have all the tools you need because the body has a remarkable capacity to heal if given the right support.

Together we will work toward resolving the problem or issue where my focus will always be on the solution state and your desired outcome.

All programmes are available in person or via Skype.  Skype appointments will save you travelling time, and is also very effective.  



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