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Group Gong Therapy



“The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind…. It is the basic creative sound.  To the mind, the sound of the gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played”…Yogi Bhajan


  • Gongs are powerful tools for change.  It is the sound of the AUM or Om, which is the sound of the universe, all that is, and the sound of the soul.    It carries the sounds of total resonance, incorporating all the tones and harmonics on the sound spectrum, the range of which is mind boggling and phenomenal.
  • Gongs make sounds beyond our human hearing capacity but your body will nevertheless feel its vibration, frequency and energy.
  • The gong will shut down your chattering mind in seconds, immediately taking you into a meditative state.  In this meditative state your mind and body become most receptive to healing.
  • The Gong is a tool for the triggering of our innate ability to self-heal.
  • The gong will mix the senses and take to into a world of dreams, magic and possibilities. It will unlock your creativity as it shuts down the left brain in favour of the the more creative right side of the brain, also bringing balance to both.
  • The Gong enables you the experience a deep connection to the energy around you, bringing clarity and intuitive insights.
  • The gong in ancient times was used as a scared instrument in religious ceremony, rituals and for spiritual awakening.  As a tool it will affect us emotional, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I work mostly with the Symphonic Gong, it carries all the frequencies known to man and your body will know exactly which frequency it needs at that time.  Like a sponge, if you are open to receive, your body will take from it what you need whether you are aware of it or not.

I also work with the less familiar Tuning Pipes which are the same as tuning forks but louder and more resonant for longer  It interacts more specifically with particular energy spots in the body.  The sound is pure and will quickly shift you into a space of lightness as it re-attunes, re-aligns you, shifting you into a greater state of equilibrium and balance.

Other therapeutic sound healing instruments may be used.

Please contact Joh on 07958 348887 or email


  • Kindly arrive on time so as not to disturb the class.
  • The sessions are for ADULTS only, unless otherwise stated at individual events.
  • Not advisable during pregnancy
  • If you have a pre-existing illness or metal implants (pins,screws, pacemaker etc) please ensure you consult your GP before attending.  It can resonate the metal or change the rhythm of the pacemaker.
  • Recent surgery – within the last 6 six weeks.
  • If you have a history of serious psychological/mental disturbance, please consult your GP before attending.
  • Any condition that is sound sensitive can be triggered by sound – tinnitus, Ménière’s disease, epilepsy,
  • No claims for the curing of any illness is made.
  • No refunds 




“Like an alchemist, we turn the lead of our life into gold, By finding the right combinations of tones, rhythms, and harmonies, we can trigger a resonance within the body, mind, or soul so as to correct imbalances and to achieve higher states of consciousness.” Ted Andrews


Sound Healing is considered by many to be the oldest form of healing, the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, Rome, Greece, Tibet, India and other places of learning, even the Aztecs, and Mayas, knowledge of sound was a highly refined science based on an understanding of vibration as the primary instrument in the creation of the universe. It appeals to our primal senses and goes back to our earliest memories of existence.

The Aboriginal People of Australia used the didgeridoo (yidaki) for at least 40,000 years to heal broken bones, muscle tears and all kinds of illnesses. It has been also now shown that the sounds emitted by the digeridoo fall in alignment with the modern sound healing technology.  Tuning Forks can be found and inscribed in Ancient Egyptian artwork.  Tuning forks are single frequency sound tools and are also used to tune instruments.

Drumming is an essential part of the African healing dance experience where the energy of the drums forms an important triad of music, dance and song.  The music played is to heal the mind,  body and the spirit and where the energy comes up from the earth through the drummer and out through the drums to convey its message.  There is a heartbeat that you feel when you connect to the rhythm of the drum, synchronising your breath to the force of life.  It becomes a worship with the body as you connect with the inner world, you feel the whole world in your body. The drum can speed up your heartbeat and slow it down just as easily as it entrains you to its rhythm.  


Priests and magicians were often musicians, as were great scientists throughout history who also appeared well versed in esoteric information that may be better understood today. Sound Therapy draws on science and spirituality to explain how sound can be a very healing and a powerful tool used for personal transformation.

Sound Healing can alter brain wave frequencies and in particular enable you to enter such deep states of relaxation that it will bring you to the alpha-theta ( (7.8Hz) range.  This is the optimal brain wave frequency for the triggering of self-healing to take place.

There is now a mass of research into the benefits of ultrasound, and this includes its ability to break up kidney stones and even shrink tumours. It is now
understood that infrasound (low frequency sound waves less than 20Hz and below human hearing), and audible sound has enormous healing properties.

Like many holistic therapies, it is being rediscovered, and is now poised to reveal the intricacies of healing both at the cellular and psychological levels.

In the words of Edgar Cayce.. `Sound will be the medicine of the future.’

Think tuning, harmonic resonance and intention. This is sound healing!


When we listen to the gong the whole body vibrates to its song where it will bring you back into harmony by forced resonance.  Resonance is the phenomenon in which a vibrating system drives another system to oscillate to its own specific frequencies.  The gong is the highest producer of resonant tones to bring you back into alignment with yourself, and this makes it the ideal holistic healing tool.


Everything in nature has its own peak `note’, when working at optimum levels, including us mere mortals – that includes every cell and organ, and has a measurable resonant frequency.  When not operating at optimal levels such as when we can become ill and in a state of dis-harmony.   Entrainment happens when a more powerful tone imposes itself on a weaker tone, they start to resonate together at the same pitch. The weaker tone succumbs to the more powerful and stronger tone.

When you listen to the gong, the sounds will penetrate the body and any part that is weak and not resonating at optimal levels with its own `note’.  It will resonate in sympathy with the stronger tones, in this case the gong.  The gong has such rich depth, is so complete, complex and varied, your body will find and know exactly what it needs.  It will`soak’ up the right frequencies offered by the gong bringing you back into a greater sate of harmony and at a more optimum or peak note.



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