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About Me

About me

I have always had a varied and consistent interest in health starting out in Martial Arts, and then Yoga at the age of 14. I have a background in Sports Science(Bsc), having taught exercise and health for a number of years, particularly in Adult Education.

Stress has a huge part to play in our lives and how we cope with life.  We all experience stress and some of it is healthy - its what prompts us to stay on track in life, focused on what we need to do, and can help us stay motivated and keep driving us forward. However when you start to become overwhelmed, feel you are no longer able to cope, you start to get anxious, feel helpless, or no longer in control - you are going into stress overload and it will begin to affect your health (immune system is in constant fight or flight mode), your emotional state of mind and wellbeing. A state of disempowering helplessness can start to kick in where life can begin to seriously feel like a struggle.

Stress has in the past impacted on me in a huge way culminating in the development of breast cancer - actually I was diagnosed the same day as Kylie Minogue.  I've learned that stress takes no prisoners and really does take its toll on the body.  Almost feeling as if it just creeps up on you without you realising it.  We ignore the warning signs of stress overload until we are forced to stop, not because we don't want to stop, but when you have bills to pay - mortgage etc., how do you stop or slowdown when you can't get of the treadmill of life? Well I was forced to stop and got off the treadmill for a good year. I was lucky to be able to do this as I know thats not always possible.  

During that time I did a lot of research into food, lifestyle, your emotions and its connections - a truly mind/body connection experience followed.  I came to understand that how we react and respond to stressful situations can create the difference between balance and imbalance, our well-being and the following development of dis-ease. Your lifestyle has many attributes to it where we we are all trying to stay in balance in a life that seems to be moving at the speed of knots right now. We also forget that life should be creative, joyful and far simpler than how we currently live it, and where a constant state of imagined `lack' dominates our thoughts.

Looking for ways to deal and understand the affects of stress.  I explored food, its life giving properties and the current state of food on offer and our lack of basic information that we truly are what we eat.  I also went on to explore all sorts of mind/body therapies, I trained and qualified in Therapeutic Massage, Reiki & Seichem, Theta Healing, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Indian Head massage and most recently in Sound Healing.  

My journey into the world of sound happened by `accident', or not. A story I will share with you perhaps on another occasion. For now I'd rather focus on what I can do to help you.

So how do we eliminate, manage or reduce our stress levels.  I think very little is possible unless you can start to catch your breath and take some time for yourself.  Slowing down, being able to breath deeply and freely, clear your mind of all the nonsense, noise and clutter, and yes look yourself in the eye and ask yourself, what do you want and is it what you need?  If you don't know at this stage eliminate what you don't want first as a start, and yes thats the easy bit.  Thats why its easy to say what you don't want and so much harder to say exactly what you do want.

I've found that in a funny kind of way if you want to make the necessary changes needed to change your lifestyle, its locked into a supposed lack of 'time', almost as if there is no time to find the time to figure out the stuff that will best help you to feel better and enjoy life.  This then becomes about priorities and what you choose to make most important.  

As I've said before, life seems like a crazy rush to `do' things but forgetting to simply live in the moment.  Sometimes you are way more productive when you figure out whats the most effective thing that needs doing but takes the least amount of time.  Thats what you do!

How, you say?  First you need to  get still.  That means finding ways to shut down from all the `noise' and slowing down long enough to figure out exactly what matters in life. Its usually pretty simple to just stop for a minute or two, and just take a few deep breaths.  Clarity is then needed, and yes a little time is also needed - but its your time, just remember to use it wisely.  You will need the desire and to be able to make the decision to want to make a change.  This really doesn't take a lot of your time - remember you just need to use the most effective tools or resources available.

Hmmm...this is where I come in.  When you are supported in getting to a place of stillness and are able to shut down that monkey mind amazing things can happen if you let it in.  Listen to your spirit, soul, mind or whatever you want to call it and many of your answers will come. I help to facilitate that action and help you to find ways to best manage your stress levels to bring you back in control, back in balance.  You have all the answers you need and you are always enough.

Along with the therapies already mentioned, Sound Therapy is a powerful self-empowering tool that you can experience as it brings you back into harmony, tunes your body to a lighter, higher, less scrambled frequency and vibration, allowing you to feel more in control, experience less pain, more peace in general.  Appointments are available on Skype, eliminating the need for travel if inconvenient therefore saving us both valuable time. 

I have seen some wonderful results which you can check out for yourself in my Client Success Stories

Wishing you supreme good health and well-being.


Member of  The College of Sound Healing

Academy of Sound Healing

Guild of Energists (GoE)

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